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Creative Design Agency.

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UI/UX Design

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Why me?

Why Us
Why Us

I know what I'm doing

I've won awards, have been filming a multitude of videos for over a decade now and my work is regularly watched by over a million people daily so I know how to make a pretty good video.


I'm quick

Primarily working in news production; I'm fast, efficient and used to tight deadlines. Unlike most other production companies, we produce high quality videos in much shorter times, resulting in a more reasonable cost.


Flexible Pricing

One size doesn't fit all - every quote is tailored to your requirements so contact us to see what we can do. There's no hidden charges as every thing will be costed, plus there's no VAT to pay for our services.


Filming can be anywhere

From the warmth of a studio to police stations, hospitals and prisons - I've worked in various places and I'm trained to work in riots and hostile environments.


I'm green

Being sustainable is important to me so nothing is printed out on paper, re-usable coffee cups are used on location and any packaging from new equipment is recycled.


I do it all

From the initial consultation right through the edit, Joe will work across every aspect of the production.


Work Completed


Happy Customers


Positive Feedbacks

Our Creative Team.

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Patricia Parsons

Art Director

Paul O’Brien

Senior Designer

Victoria Floyd

Lead Developer

Joseph Bridges


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Oliver Dixon