Aerial Services

Anyone can go out, buy a drone and fly it as soon as they get it. I pride myself on delivering a first class service and it’s my knowledge and experience of filming and editing for the 6 O’clock headlines that sets me apart from other UAV operators. 

With hours of flying behind me, safety is at the heart of what I do and I’m proud to hold an exemplary safety record with zero accidents or incidents since I started. I’m fully insured with a minimum of £1 million public liability and am able to fly both day and night, city and countryside.

Prior to starting a job, flight planning and an office-based risk assessment is completed to ensure the flight is safe, legal and able to cater for your needs. Another risk assessment will be completed on-site and then it’s flight time! Legally someone needs to have permission from the CAA in order to use their drone commercially – it’s a good job we do! 

Here’s just some of the uses that drone images can provide: 

Aerial Advertising

Showcase your area from the air with a breath-taking view overlooking not seen from the ground

Roof Inspections

Ultra high-definition (4K) photos and video footage can be captured of your roof, showing any damage that can’t be seen from below.

Real Estate

Showcase or advertise your home, business or land from the skies


Capture your day in style with an angle that none of your guests can get! Our eye in the sky can photograph your wedding from a unique perspective.


If you’re new to drones, or just want to learn more about flying, find out what we offer


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Award Winning Aerial Photography

In 2019 I came first in the National Drone Photography Awards with my photo of Tower Bridge. In addition to this I also won the abstract category with my photo of Tilbury Docks.