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What I do and how I do it

Corporate Filming & Events

Corporate filming covers any type of video material your business may need, from internal training and explaining videos, to promotional campaign videos and event coverage.

Aerial Photography.

From pretty photos showcasing your location to taking a look at those hard to reach areas on your roof; drones have many purposes and can really give that ‘wow’ factor.


We appreciate that there are some incredible charities and non-profit organisations that might struggle to fund getting a professional video made – I’m very accommodating to do contact me to see what can be done.

How I work


The first step discussing all of the details; what do you want the video to achieve, how you want it to look, do you want music e.t.c. Once the details are confirmed, we’ll create a shooting plan.


This is the fun bit! Everything that has been planned will now become reality and we’ll start the filming.


The editing process is where we’ll colour grade the footage, add music and graphics and turn the video clips into a polished, professional video.


Once the video has been edited we’ll ask you if you want any tweaks made – if not then the video is yours to share however you wish.

Why me?

Why Us
Why Us

I know what I'm doing

I've won awards, have been filming a multitude of videos for over a decade now and my work is regularly watched by over a million people daily so I know how to make a pretty good video.


I'm quick

Primarily working in news production; I'm fast, efficient and used to tight deadlines. Unlike most other production companies, we produce high quality videos in much shorter times, resulting in a more reasonable cost.


Flexible Pricing

One size doesn't fit all - every quote is tailored to your requirements so contact us to see what we can do. There's no hidden charges as every thing will be costed, plus there's no VAT to pay for our services.


Filming can be anywhere

From the warmth of a studio to police stations, hospitals and prisons - I've worked in various places and I'm trained to work in riots and hostile environments.


I'm green

Being sustainable is important to me so nothing is printed out on paper, re-usable coffee cups are used on location and any packaging from new equipment is recycled.


I do it all

From the initial consultation right through the edit, Joe will work across every aspect of the production.