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Joe Mander

Hi! I am a photographer and cameraman.

For as young as I can remember I’ve always loved being creative, particularly filming and photographing.

I loved it so much that I decided to get a job with a camera and nine years ago I started as an apprentice working in news production. I’ve been fortunate to film a variety of subjects across the UK and abroad from using secret cameras to film people smugglers in Vietnam, riots on the streets of Paris to more uplifting stories back home such as royal visits and red carpet premieres. I thrive from working in a fast paced environment where every week my work is broadcast to millions of people across the country.

As well as filming on the ground I love flying my drone in air. I bought my first drone in 2017 and two years later I won several awards in the National Drone Photography Awards, including their overall prize for my photo of Tower Bridge.

When I’m not at work I’m still likely to have a camera in my hands! I enjoy photography which I do through Beyond the Point, a non-profit website which documents historic remains across the south-east. The site became an instant hit when it was founded over ten years ago and was named the Best National Community Archive (2012) and Best Online Heritage site.